Tuesday, October 1, 2013

where's the remote

expectations rise, he's no dickens either, just addicted to himself, God Most High watches it all from above, it looks like a loosing bet, he wonders should he discard it or just click the remote, young man stuck to the couch, jumps from channel to channel seeking rest, at last he blasts soccer news scenario, something he can talk about down in the old bar orio, great he has the latest headlines, clicks the remote and trundles on down, pints on the counter, that was a great winner for united last night, he smiles and cheers as if it means something, he's well adjusted to the crowd feels right, later he's back home, remote is soon in his hand, back to his old self trying to keep himself and his mind busy for a time
, click click girlie channel is great, God Most High has sadness all around, just saw a whole bunch of Syrian children blow up before his eyes, where's the remote!

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