Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Battle for the Soul

Arise and face the battle for the soul, the battle for eternal life is on in earnest, the time has come and it’s real this is not a warning, evil is on the run, desperate to hold on to the control of almost everyone, fear not, the angels of the lord are ready for the fight, the powers of the evil one are running out, hope your on the right side cause there will be only one, one destiny for those who chose the righteous course, permanent hell for those who decide unwisely. The devil and his minions are living in terror, the light has connected with us again and he has no way out, rejoice. The world over, the holy warriors have been tested to the full, they are capable and fortified and they have the resources of the One. The hold the evil doer had on so many is falling down, and justice is going to be served on him and his associated clowns, God Most High assures us of this, remain calm and don’t retreat hold firm to your believe in Him, he does not offer guilt as his weapon of choice, pure love and it’s potent power can devour everything. Oh how sad will be the many who betrayed Him, it’s no longer when it’s happening across the entire world, satan and his supporters face a very grim future, of this I am certain, I’ve seen the cloud many great sights had many warnings, amen, great prophets have told us that this day will come, it’s hear now so get up stand up and for once in your life, do the right thing, act in faith and in absolute trust, you can’t afford to have any worries or any self doubt. Your sins are forgiven so don’t hold off, don’t worry about the wrongs you did, or the errors of your past, Even Jesus was tempted he made this awareness to us in order to thwart, the plans of those who controlled the world and your mind, so rejoice and you will be free to fight. Love is the weapon of choice of God Most High, but on occasions he uses storms and tempests to set us alight, the same way any Good Father reprimands his children, amen.

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