Monday, October 7, 2013

Talk to God

World of the politically minded, correct and very self righteous, self promotion and control guided truth, even  stranger, the adult habits passed to children,  war ongoing for the minds and hearts of everything human, no tactic out of mind, the evil doers scurry around, hide amongst the sheep hide from the cloud,  voids in the hearts of everyone, guilt  silence's honest thought,  pure love as rare as bees,  the world needs a friend, more than it has done in years. many have tried to make this known. 
Under fire the loving church keeps hoping,  their ranks swelled by many Judas types,  destroying  hope appeasing powerful regimes, but mother church struggles on regardless.
full strength under pressure wanes, even pure Faith under pressure weakens, too many government organized cover ups, many souls cry out for justice from cold graves, uniforms cant manage uniformed response anymore, they have been wakened by the spear of truth, and the lasting consequence of the damage they have done, fully exposed but too late to amend what was going on,  they  build higher walls, only business I hear them say, they  killed love on sight, curtailed the truth just as much, hope the expense cheque covers thirst insurance,  this is the story of the world, and it’s the legacy passed to children worldwide, fear confusion and dependency. I’ve seen the cloud, divine events, came face to face with the existence of truth, didn't always like the initial response i got, asked my conscience what was going on, found the answers and wisdom too, saw the difficulties faced when disasters occurred, many of them man made to create the emotional flood, caught the attention of divine listeners as well,  and access to the immortal and merciful God, who wondered at it all,  understood too well the evil going on, as more and more souls lost faith, it must have seemed job done,  boardrooms and young minds all praising the  idol and what they themselves might become.  God Most High  listens to petitions made in the name of the son, if only for the seeds of love to take a hold , you have the power to do all that,  turn them into babbling fools if you like, pour out your wisdom from the divine store, set fear into the hearts of the evil menace, mighty signs keep them aware check the weather forecast, don't you enjoy the apology they make when the so called experts get it wrong,,  judgment,  the suffering that awaits them, perhaps new tactics will force them to change course, the whole and only reason for life, love by birth deed example and sacrifice, what other kind of  example do you intend to pass on, numbered swiss bank account and an apartment in new york, those young evidence what is real, as they emulate the ritual going on,  and so many children suffer  the example around them, impossible almost to rear a child safely,  can mothers the world over succeed safely in the role they are charged with, but take heart if this is just too much, God Most High listens closely to the very young.
the sudden change in behaviour evidenced in the press the media, there are many new converts, a week end in bernies or a lifetime in...a total no brainer..  Pope Celestine of old, 800 odd years old and still quoted, are you sure your going to be forgotten, probably, Celestine told us it was time to speak,  the souls of the cathars believed in your order,  it’s time to get involved Dear God, and do something fast like change the world order, amen.

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