Tuesday, October 22, 2013


God Most High has heard it all, the excuses, the tricks, the double cross, the triple cross, the myriad if ah’s and oh,s. the omg’s, the lot, the promises, the oaths sworn and discarded, the bribery, the levels of corruption, the sleepers waiting in the grass, but he loves children, so for all the future plans, what is the manifestation of all these good thoughts?, are we seriously going to criminalize children, you over there who hides his fantasies from his wife,  .yes judge, we are aware of your interest in little ones, at least your not a cross dresser, oh. And you there looking over my shoulder , yes, you now, you require so much patience, remember the time you got caught in the woods, and they let you off, well you’ve been under their hold ever since, do I need to go on. The very select audience totally silent, what was just said total reality, they could hardly breathe. Monsignor Murphy, the only one he didn’t refer to, his throat dry, will he go back all those years he thought,

“perhaps william is right, this is a time to forgive, it that what your saying Jim?”

“but he ..”

“but what, you are willing to incur the wrath”enquired another one on the audience...

The five men in the room stopped. They’d forget themselves. Each one trying to dim their thoughts. No longer the local citizens of integrity, their secrets a little deeper, till the prophet came along.

“jim what do you suggest, you being the…”

Monsignor Murphy didn’t have time to finish his sentence.

“you all are here, because you behaved as judges, while hiding your real selves!”

So much confusion reigns, so few good decisions, there are questions, we need enlightenment, fear of love is destroying the world, and fear of wisdom will, so many children going to school, fear in their minds and hearts, pretending all is right, this Is fouling the pathways of the heart, there is no compromise, it’s change or bust, personal interests have to be put aside, this is new or nothing, God Most High is not the bargaining type, he is the responsive type, so, as they, the wisdom of Solomon is required, whatever that turns out to be….

To be continued…………….

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