Tuesday, October 8, 2013

How to

religion, it has the world on the brink of extinction, the beginning was peace and quite everything looked right, then the prophets came along one by one, live together respect love wisdom and your fellow man, but no one listened so they sent the next prophet along, hoping that the intentions of wisdom would become the law and it went on and on.
it's getting hot up here said the lord God i'll send some of my top prophets with song, then along came Jesus his favorite son he'll be accepted he's always got on, the heart was not in the people no matter what he said or done, finally hung him like so many that had been sent along, and it went on but the message remained and the seed sown grew and grew, time passed everything was going good people were becoming wise, but they got together a heap of them, they created divisions among people filled the world made many despise, and it went on and on like a sad old song...
then along came Mohammed another prophet and he spoke, was kind and like Jesus a very wordy poet, a son of God the way all of us were originally intended, met interference and political disenchantment soon there were scars, and it went on and on and on, divisions turning to hatred of each other and finally war, and it went on and on and on like a long repetitive song.... the majority of religions are basically the same they all worship the same God, it's just the books they use that are different really, we are all just one happy family we just don't realize it yet....so the prophets have been saying for thousands of years...are you not all exhausted by this constant talk of war and fears

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