Friday, October 18, 2013

Love trails on...

Going on the love trail, is not dissimilar to mountain climbing., there are difficulties, and the higher you climb, conditions change, difficulties usually intensify. It is why so many people don’t stand up to obvious wrongs, in case they draw attention to themselves. How many great people have suffered death on account of their beliefs? In essence, it requires preparation and awareness . In our good fortune, we have the examples of others before us, of those who got a little of the way up, those that made it half way up, those who fell off the mountain, those who turned down, and those who made it all the way.
I stress this, because we often get discouraged, and there are many too often glad to see us discouraged. Resentment is rife the world over. What is said in public rarely matches the private thoughts of anyone. So learn from the experience of others, and ignore the spin of those paid to fool you.
Now that you have a grasp of the issues, it is appropriate to deal with the opposing side, the agents of evil, those actively encouraging all that is wrong, whose side are you on!

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