Thursday, October 17, 2013

on the love trail. ....

Part 3

My own journey in life, has had it’s ups and downs, and without going into great detail, I have been hot and cold when it comes to religious practice. Privately, I have always been Christian, not always publicly I suppose, as it has been with so many. I too lost my faith on account of experience, but I got born again as they say, and literally survived a few death defying moments. What is important is that I have always been aware of having a reason for being, being meaning, more than just a man who goes out to generate cash, a family and things, even if I enjoyed the pleasures of life, and will continue to do so, when the right time arrives, God willing of course

In gratitude for being given the chance to start again, and I’m forever starting again it seems, I vowed to God Most High, while recovering from an incident that nearly conveyed me to the next world hopefully, you can never assume anything when discussing the divine, but you can be assured of his mercy at all times if your in credit as they say, but I made a vow, that I have been very stubborn about, to do what is right, even when the danger to myself was great, not dissimilar to many others, who have done far more than me, I’m pretty ordinary actually. Don’t tell my mother though.

At the time of my miraculous recovery, and there were more than one, I don’t enjoy spoofing, it’s too personal, but at that time, the world was going through an economic revival of sorts, while the church, the people of God were going into distress mode, and faith in God Most High for many, was on the wane. So, in gratitude for my revival, I set about doing something in return, for the great gift given to me, a second life. Many privately, expected me to join the priesthood, or something not too far off that, I considered it myself, as I had been called as they say, and was aware of it. I chose to do it my way, is the best way of putting things, with the help of others. I did not want to be involved in a church that was drowning in political minded thought, as I saw the danger that lay in a system, where merit was decided by political association rather than doing.
Secretly, I concocted a plan, with advice from the almighty leading me, so I hoped. My friends at the time, were not really of Christian virtue, though some were. I guess the best way of putting things, or as a famous American pastor says, I did it from the prayer closet, and waited for the moment to come.
Through trials and tribulations and much more, the loss of loved ones, and the letting go of loved ones, to nearly getting married, and nearly getting shot, and many accusations laid against me, and much more, I managed to endure in faith, and in divine providence. What God Most High does best, is what any great father does, he guides you. I was not a great listener, I’m better at it now, but still learning.

What I discovered amazed me, felt awesome at times, nearly destroyed me also. Oh what a test he sets, but if you get up that hill, even half way, there is always someone on hand to help. It is that real. I’m ordinary, God Most High does not need us, we need him. But this I can assure you. If you act in faith and love through the heart, he gets interested in your progress.
Through a process of trial and error, I developed a healthy faith, made a few errors, as we all do, and began to read the old scriptures. If you are going to be pal of someone, you get interested in what is being written about them. The reason I mention all of this, is that I expect a healthy degree of scepticism and disbelief. I feel the same way when I get a tip for a racehorse.
Cutting to the chase, I got to a point in my life, when I expected my prayers to be answered, and they were, on oh so many occasions, a few times really, and always when I was in the zone. As a famous writing coach used to say, when he was giving advice on the subject of getting it on paper. When you are in a rut, you get into the zone you used to produce from , and you instinctively get into a gear you understand.
Going it alone is rarely the best option, but in times of war, and this is a spiritual war we are in here, it can be done. I am in the zone now, amen.

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