Wednesday, October 16, 2013


The world has shrunk to the size of an email, neighbours are suddenly global, ignorance of poverty hardships perversion no longer an excuse, an attitude that lasted centuries, the abandon of human needs, is over. Technology and great advances bestows responsibility upon us all, and God Most High, the redeemer, is itching to act. So what, well it’s a little deeper than that, there is a coupon on your life, yes, we are not who we are, we are all divine, we just wear a fleshy hide, too often filled with pride and self importance, too often interested in the base, too long ignorant too often sycophants, enough cries the lord Most High, it’s time to settle all accounts, I can hear you coughing into your cereal bowl. The eyes, did you see the way all the guys trailed the ass of the young girl that just passed, starting with her legs, before you straddled her with your mind, moving on up as they say, quietly.

The gift of a billion to one, yes, every one of us was born against the odds, the Great One hoping we’d turn out as he planned. Instead, the earth, it’s foundations on the floor, the new born children and the way we all poisoned them, I’d worry if I were me or you, cause he’s coming home to gather the harvest, and I would not assume he’s going to be that impressed. So what are you going to do, rant on about the Botox operation you had, what, this is not only crazy it’s insane, well by now you have closed the page you are reading, it’s not disappointing that you did, cause all these years, it’s been sad and hard for so many little ones, who you are now trying to criminalise, for what we all allowed to happen, the fully grown children have a lot to answer for. Blame whatever but this is not going to be the Hollywood ending we all hoped, there will be gnashing of teeth and all that blurb, if the turn around isn't sudden and complete, did you start using your heart yet, so get on with it and do the impossible, start forgiving and don’t stop, you’ll raise the prospect of a very happy ending, perhaps.

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