Friday, October 18, 2013

Meeting with Great Spirit

I have not mentioned science once, and those in that field, who spend their entire lives trying to dissuade you from having faith in God Most High. Why are they doing this, who is paying them for this. Why do governments enact legislation that is harmful? Why was God removed from the EU constitution when so many wanted him included., as if humans came up with the great earth we all live in today. The assault on faith has been consistent persistent and rabid.
I have personally encountered the great spirit, and it’s awesome, spectacular, frightening too, rather hard to explain, but many others have had this experience too, and it’s God’s way of giving you a call. The reckoning is on as they say.  Just trust in Him, whatever, blind faith, he’ll send the helper. I can wipe the arguments made by so many who claim to insist he does not exist at all. I made it my reason for being to get to the crux of the issue, and I managed it with wisdom as my guide. I can explain in detail, if necessary, the encounter, there was more than one. All that you need to be aware of, it’s real. If you stay on the trail, you’ll see it for yourself, it is why I stress the need to endure the journey.

Destroying The Evil.

The more you really love, the weaker the evil around you. Love more and it will get out of your way.  Pope Francis is fighting for us. He is cutting down the evil influence that had surrounded the Vatican. Jesus was tempted by evil, warned us about it’s nature. So, we are in the best of company when it comes to support in this area of the trail. If you live in faith, and remind yourself every day of your faith, you will overcome evil. I pray consistently so that I may never become complacent in my faith.

You are most vulnerable, when you assume your not.

At the beginning of time, there were great miracles, and the end of time there will be assortments of great events. As these are happening more often now, the Evil spirit, is  busy trying to do as much damage as it can. By doing good we weaken this evil menace. By doing good we appeal to God Most High. By doing good, we create love. By doing good we reduce the fear of nuclear war. Nobody living, wants to see this world disappear for future generations, nobody should want it to end. I don’t want to stop learning guitar for another forty years.
Lest you forget, God has stated through the prophets, that he has reserved parts of the earth for his own people at the end of this age, I’m not forecasting doom, I’m just a human being with some more dreaming to do, and I don’t want the dream to be cut short by, zealots, extremists or evil doers intent on pushing us to destruction. So, let us get it on.
(Jesus stressed the importance to remember Him when we eat. He understood temptation better than anyone. He could have gone home early, but he chose his father’s plan for him. He also understood the weakness of humans, our need to be communal if we were to overcome).
By consigning evil to the dumpster, by loving unconditionally, we free ourselves to live fully.  This has been determined by God Most High. There will be many years and great times ahead for those who go all in, for all the right reasons. We just have to put the seal of approval on matters, and earn the respect of the great one. To me it’s a total no brainer.
As I said in earlier blogs, when the powers of darkness meet an impenetrable force, it turns on itself, and destroys itself. By being strong in love, and not cheating on love, we can achieve this, thereby appealing to God Most High and his great mercy. I met an old man before the economic crash, a very Godly old man. He came from afar. He asked me some searching questions. In a nutshell, I was led to believe we were being judged from a distance, not of this world, but far beyond. He was not lying. It’s in the eyes as they say. He left me with the impression that the human race could save itself from obscurity by changing it’s ways. Why not try a little harder as they say. Wiping out the negative influences on children is the starting point.  By the way, this old man told me not to worry, just to trust in Him, the one. Let us all trust in Him. Put a smile on the face of the master, be thankful in real time, we are all spirit.

Tips for improving the odds as they say, or ideas to mull over.

  • Forgiveness (can’t forgive can’t fully love, leaves a void)
  • Charity (22 trillion offshore, and we dump food)
  • Who are your neighbours (online world is full of them)
  • Universal Health Care (medicine isn’t business, we made it that way)
  • Marriage (main source of seeds for real love, not the hybrid)
  • Divorce ( active planning for the death of love can’t be an option)
  • Pornography (degrades women children and Love)
  • Single Global currency (no more speculation on other peoples lives)
  • Praying together more often (support)
  • mobile telephony/ children (too much influence)
  • Ban on mobile gambling worldwide ( burn the porn collection in the attic!)
  • There is nothing fundamental about decency, just not fashionable!
  • Parental influence
  • Dream love

In God I trust, that is why I am on the love trail, make it the way!

Amen, only for love and no other reason, and in gratitude for the love shown to me, and the patience of the GREAT ONE, and the patience of those who are pushing love at me. I can’t get enough of it!.

(read the real Celestine prophecies, written by the Pope of that name 800 years ago, it might give you an insight into those times and now, and wonder why he wrote them, but were too busy, well…these are his death bed comments on humanity.)

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