Saturday, October 12, 2013

Manic Street Renewal

screams, howls, gasps, amazement, wow,  the world wakes up, we have been living in a zoo, caged with our thoughts and fears, afraid to open up, case the torch is shined on you. What a blast, God Most High is freaking out, and we wonder why. Well, it's been proved beyond all reasonable doubt, the ambulance chasers are just that, the truth is leaking out, the covers are being removed, issues no one wanted to mention, is at last flowing down the street of intervention, amen, and it matters that you know. A third of all sexual crimes are committed by children themselves, the harvest of a world, that allowed the disease of celebrity to rule, and how God Most High warned us, all those years ago, the one thing he did not want us to do. Support groups clamber together, no one of them knows what to do, no pure souls among them either, they all speaking through spin doctors, just like the politicians, and how they used to control. Is there an answer to this horror, well, no one seems to have a clue, but does it really matter. Get them, get them, anyone, a sacrifice, make it look like we are trying, it worked all those years ago. Silence, can we put a muzzle on truth, tried it in communist Russia, now they are trying it all across the earth. Devil and his associated friends can't look up, afraid the light might shine on their face, parents, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, the list is long, but they all know what is going on is wrong, whacked by their own desires, well, it's nice to plead ignorant, used to be okay, but not any more, world is a changing, just like Bob said a long time ago.
Basically, you can't fill the minds of the youth, with the habits of the adult, and expect the child to forget all about it, and like it's been said, by many so many it's tiring,  you can't rear a child safely while the example is poor you know. 50% of all internet traffic is pornography, that's a lot of people to me and you, it's the reality of human behaviour, and it's been planned that we'd go that way, because, many thousands of experts warned us, many child experts lecture about it, the need to provide example, not the experience as they say. At a time when the world is in chaos, and great change is evident to all, it's time we thought how to love again, in that great old fashioned way, so what if you don't, well, I've seen the cloud and many great spectacles, and I don't need medication or such fantasy. Good day to renew your faith in all that is good, before God Most High runs out of patience, and finally says good bye.

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