Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Where are they gone nelson

my problem your problem their problem a media problem a solution,
nelson walks free south Africa strolls into a repeating nightmare,
we'll have an inquiry we'll invite foreign correspondents along,
they stayed for months the reports were looking very good,
finally a smile we got the okay we all smiled as they flew away.

now it's spread the fear has been exported to other shores,
Egypt Syria we'll invite them all to settle old scores,
 for months the reports are good we all looked around,
heard it all before the stammers and the foreign correspondents,
but they flew away in comfy jets we smiled again that day

the gaza strip is not a sex club it's  a damned place yet,
the world looks on the correspondents gwonder what's going on,
camera's roll bodies take their toll children blood spattered fall,
no one looks at the way they run as the bombs keep falling
no money there but practice everywhere of all that is wrong

so where are all the men  the wise and the old,
apartheid gone the passion forgotten cause it left our land,
nelson where are you did you  hear the terrifying screams,
don' they remember the day you left that prison over there,
too much said too little done people are numbers bombs won

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