Wednesday, November 14, 2012


small bundle of helplessness in the arms of warmth, a smile that wakens the coldest heart, isn't that the secret of children, the creation of joy and health, and while we go on and on about our loving disposition towards everything especially ourselves, we listen to non stop arguments of loving zealots, who claim to love children with such intensity that they readily reduce them to the personal chattels of parents, thereby stealing the gift that was handed to them effectively by a SERIOUSLY WISE AND CLEVER creator, basically put i'm telling you the story of abortion and i call it joy for this reason. with all the discussions going on in the world about the do's and don't and feigned love for everything human etc etc...the climate of love creation is the one thing all these arguers have in common, they don't create love, they create division, so much for children if this is the argument they make in relation to abortion, what about joy, does it merit mention at all, seemingly third of the worlds children live in poverty, so where is the joy in  all that i ask, just being funny!

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