Thursday, November 15, 2012


Went down to the river but everyone was dead I didn’t know what to do
So I prayed to the almighty he answered me why the boat left he said
I cursed myself for being too late he taped me on the shoulder told me to wait
Why I asked he smiled at me it’s the ferry for the vague not those who believe
Drown in the river of sorrow and wrong you made a poor choice hope you can swim

God sat by the river side he watched as they boarded and their smug little smiles
They hurried and pushed their way on board he waited till it had their load
Out to sea she sailed on calm it wasn’t long before the great storm

The wind shook the boat capsized they fell into the water they all died
i waited for the news all day long as the body count started to rise
tears came and filled my eyes why said the lord did I feel so, why

he ushered me too a safe place told to remain calm and be not afraid
I wondered if it was all a dream till I opened my eyes then I could see
The friends I knew those few kind souls we were together as the good book told

Now listen well if your unsure about this the story of love and Jesus too
He came to save the heart of us all he put up with grief till it grew and grew
Fill your life with hope and love and always remember the god above
Don’t drown in the river please the boat is filling up too quickly, amen

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