Monday, November 5, 2012


Had to keep looking, she was bound to take her top off, the babe in the tub. Guys around, slouching over to her , trying to make sense, connect as they say. Was going to use it in a sermon, sometime. Big brother, big let down, emperors clothes theory repeats itself like fashion. For a moment he wondered if all, he stopped wondering as she stepped out of the tub. Camera close up, her bottom almost see through. They market this to everyone he thought making a note, was all over the news, loads of money, loads of silence, no one screams stop when the slots keep paying, the slots keep playing. He wondered, was he watching the last days of Pompeii. Big brother, portal for the bored, and those who couldn't afford. Time to move on, he was reluctant though, she might undress. The remote hit the floor, his eyes temporarily off the screen. Bending to pick it up, channel moved too, news again.

Mention the word bomb, federal offence,  so the reporter said, anchor girl, good looking of course, cute he thought, certainly no Sophia Loren, this chick looked fake Italian, too much make up, fake tan in jan, too early in the year, who’d believe it anyway. Word bomb though was serious, serious when mentioned, people arrested for joking about it, the word bomb, ten years in jail. It reminded him of a time long ago when mention of the word Christian meant death, a time later when the word jew meant death, tutu hutsi, Islam, Muslim too. Bomb sounded like it had religious connation attached. The power of the spoken word. He was glad he’d read the bible, well flicked through it one evening. Value of the word bomb, could move thousands by its very mention. The word famine hardly raised..he forgot for a moment. He was doing research. Penis used to be a word of strength, vagina sounded technical, scrotum sounded painful, and mammary sounded functional. Now it was all just pricks pussies balls and tits, in whatever order turns you on, no forgetting your anus. Words, he liked the power of words, and the way media globally tag words and use them against people. Who they upset didn't matter, unless they had access to, you guessed it, bombs. 

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