Wednesday, November 28, 2012

what happened to love!

Children, don’t we love them well, their yours for life so you tell, life is a journey they say, the last step before the final bell, children, I hope you rear them well

Climbing mountains jumping from airplanes, landing on the moon faces full of tears, seven more academy awards this year, it’s too good to be true, our eyes moisten sweetly

Children young girls in particular, great to be wealthy beautiful and young, a disease to be young and beautiful and poor, don’t you love children, can’t we be forever young

Years become centuries memory fades, the sacrifice of so many young, the tragedy that endures and endures, can’t go on forever they say, the war is over as a new one begins

Stricken thought aahs and shock us all, another event another ceiling has caved in, world is in freefall so it looks, what about the children, too late to think about that

An agreement with love eternal in nature, children the byproduct leased for their nurture, so this is the harvest screams the lord, children are all sexualized, they’ll have no more

Egyptian tragedy power was their thing, they repeat the dosage it’s now a global thing, no mention of children or mothers at all, men steal the food and the power, is this what they did to love

Skyscraper rises jets fly faster, two hours to London new york is higher, warnings ignored the signs just a lapse, world dives into an abyss, as the heavens open up, to travelers

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