Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Time TV

About to shut it down, he had one category on his list that didn't have a line through it. Jesus never got tired he thought, about to switch off then stopping. He didn't need reminding about it, gambling. He’d gambled his life on god, on there being a god, god that was never seen, had no PR, many spurious religions professing knowledge of him, yet no one knowing him, or her, even behaving like god, dignity respect self worth education fornication pleasure even consideration, it was a gamble all right, the notion of god. Harry had discussed this topic of global interest and anarchy daily, the basis of god, and how fundamental the world truly was, and the simplicity of the American solution to everything, money, keeping it simple, money. At least it cut out the notion of there being a god. Even harry had questions he wanted to ask, matters that stood out in his mind. For now though he was seeking exposure to the craze of TV gambling, poker, poker schools, celebrity poker, million dollar pots, another push against humanity, and the embrace of selfishness in such a public manner. Even retired TV stars were being resurrected to sell it, the advent of online poker. Nude poker, hadn't seen it yet but it was close. Strip poker, he’d played it as a kid, but menace wasn't sex, the menace being excitement and thrill. On TV, they were hoping to execute the self destruction of the human race and all things good. Chips were not dollars, pots were thousands, the players, probably actors. But it seemed so exciting when the two voice over commentators tried to decipher the mental state of the contestants, imaging the worries of the viewer, as if what they were watching was real, and not the blatant attempt by a group of greedy dot cons to entice the young and naive to their web address of destruction, or to a system for the basic removal of cash from your bank account, a modern day modelling agency, you too could be famous. Harry wasn't blond sixteen or naïve, for some reason he felt protected, by god of course. It had worked so far for him. he’d remained sane so far.

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