Thursday, November 29, 2012

Money Money Money...

Mercy for heavens sake mercy for your child’s mistakes, patience lord for our ways, give us time to part those pearly gates, you've been away awhile, we did the best we can, were still doing it those that did make that stand, charity lord for the souls that bear heavy debt, love us kindly even when we live with doubt, forgive us all we were led astray, the evil one tried all his tricks, no he’s ran, and time is on your side, nations are developing conscience money no longer the man…what do you think asked Peter, reading the prayer list, the best samples he’d got that day. God pondered over his favorite plants, watering them with his smile, they soon came to life, no longer drooping. A long white beard, he looked like santa, apart from the white gown he wore. Can you repeat he asked as peter held the watering can. It’s the last line I can’t understand he said. There’s more wealth in those offshore assets than in the rest of the world, who controls them he asked, as he prepared to trim a few cuttings from the green robust plant in his hand. Hand me the cutters he asked, peter a little worried, unsure to answer, hurry up man shouted God a little tired, unused to such delays. Peter answered, what part do you not understand, can you repeat yourself my Lord. God turned around, blew out a gush of wind, turmoil in the Caymans,  we’ll see what they think now, and grabbed the cutters from St.Peters hand. I know when your holding back dude spoke God, peter a little flustered face red, he understands. Well what’s on your mind, speak speak pleads God a lot on his mind. I was wondering if I could have the evening off I want to watch the new james bond. Okay, decrees the Lord, then peter rambles off, a boyish smile on his face. Shur I knew all along smiles God to himself, he’s still a child that man, meaning St.Peter. Are we not all children, money money money, and we all come running. It used to be sweets.

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