Monday, November 12, 2012

Nothings Perfect...

Statistically speaking, and only statistically speaking, if you know what I mean that is, otherwise your just what I am speaking of, a statistic, a dead and soon to be forgotten statistic. This may seem rather cruel and unjust, speaking to you as a statistic, but what have you been doing all your life, if not counting everything, what else. And what are statistics, things you count, so for all intent and purpose, that about sums you up. How often do I go to the bathroom, if you don’t count now your doctor will soon tell you to count how often you pass. When is the last time you checked your bank balance, I was only checking I suppose, and how many people voted for Mr Obama, I can go on and on and on forever it seems, but at the end of the day all you do is count things. When is the last time you were intimate, have we a problem there, go see your doctor he’ll tell you the statistics, need insurance more statistics, need a bank loan, your manager will have the statistics, it’s why accountants cheat all the time, gets over the statistics. My accountant doesn't cheat and neither do Cayman island bank accounts, check the statistics. Why else would they set up an off shore tax haven a few miles off the American coast line, easier to get there, check the statistics. I mention the word statistics not out of my love for statistics, it’s just that I hate the technical reach of the word. Even when they prepare you for a medical operation or the next set of unemployment figures, statistics they say. How can you compare a wall mart job ,McDonnell’s job to working for Microsoft or apple. 50 million American folks were in manufacturing not so long ago, now the figure is 10 million and falling, just a statistic, but you see where all this statistic stuff is leading you, to the statistic dumper. And what are all the religious boys and girls doing about all this, their God was a statistician I suppose, hardly. But if the world was one giant statistic, what about the others.
I’m drinking wine, with nothing added but time, that rose from a grape that came from the vine, fact not statistic, collected from roots thousand years or more old, the proverbial juice of the earth. Statistically speaking if I was to suggest to you that the wine before me was purely an accident of nature, you’d rightly deem me senseless, and just one of those crazy guys, another statistical fool. In the time it has taken to write this piece about statistics, I don’t suppose your vaguely interested statistically speaking that is, of course your interested, who doesn't watch reality shit night and day, who doesn't count the length of their last affair, who doesn't twitter these days, and why are we more interested in President Kennedy’s women than on the principles of the man himself, cause were mostly brain dead and facial, she looks nice, like his smile, that’ll sell, wise up before it’s too late and I’m not speaking statistically.
The merchants of evil are having it hard and they face a rather certain future, that is not imaginary or describable. They survive like soul lice, they hang out in your heart, and they are real. When you love they pass on like cancer, and they have covered almost the entire human earth, but not all, not at all. Why do folks of great reputation with the almighty hang out in convents and monasteries, it’s safer, this is not a statistic, this is fact I’m afraid. But the count down to the extermination of the soul lice of this world has been ongoing these last twenty two years or more and why you are safe from this extermination is the same reason your love is flawed. Twenty thousand children have died from lack of food since this article was started, fifteen minutes ago, thousand of rapes have occurred too, this has been ongoing for years upon years. The only person you are interested in is possibly yourself, and the family you have, a few relatives at most. You really haven’t loved that much, stop protesting and get a health check up. But the river of evil that flowed over the earth is coming to an end, and I’m not speaking statistically but realistically, I've seen the cloud, the ring in the sky, the lines of stars, wisdom in a child, it’s nothing go to do with statistics, really, I hope you don’t become just another statistic, chances are not often taken. Honey where is the garbage, I've something to throw out.
Time ago and not so long ago, it was wisdom to dump and burn, not recycle and save. The potential collapse of our world forced us to this way of thinking, if you think I’m lying ask your grandparents. It was also considered wise to dress for the weather and not for excitement to come. Many habits or wise nuggets of wisdom were passed on from generation to generation, like the wine I’m drinking, same vine same field same result. But over the years the wisdom passed on was watered down, the infamous henry the seventh of England (seven as in seven wives henry) abolished the wisdom of the day to suit his own purpose, sorry if I offend some of thee but I don’t dare tell lies, I know the consequence when you lie to yourself, you end up a stranger in a body that you are not familiar with. If you marry for reasons other than love you’ll get the point. How long can you stare out the window without wishing it had been different.  You can get used to anything. Why are you addicted to public figures, celebrity etc, covers up your own mess nicely I’d say. Why does is take 500 million dollars to fight an election these days, presidential election, who do you think will end up paying it all. How long can you keep on printing money before everyone else finds out, a century maybe, check out the year were having if your insecure and seeking advice on doing something. Never a better time to do zilch, statistically speaking, with so many people out of work think of all the cheap labour about. They work for peanuts in Asia  china, most places where there is hunger, and who do you think uses this cheap labour, the guys who sell you all these tablet thingies,  100-500 dollar baby for what was crumbs to manufacture, but if they all do it, wall street supports it, and you can afford it, doesn't the new tablet match my bracelet darling, just swallow and shut up dear. Statistically speaking and realistically speaking, if the mess we are all engaged in is not tantamount to the abuse of man woman child earth water wind sun moon and stars, I don’t know what is. And if you suppose that we all assembled ourselves from a simple seed of no known origins accidentally or were born at all, and that a salmon from Alaska can find it’s way home from any place on the ocean, or a swallow can leave south Africa and magically appear in my back garden purely by memory alone every year, what do you suppose the Mayan culture thought, statistically speaking, when they counted time out, not now but sometime soon perhaps, do you ever give it a thought, or is the credit card limit a bit too much for you, I can’t go out tonight I lost my Viagra.

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