Wednesday, November 7, 2012

that's a change

Took a short cut on the way home, ended on a country lane
Twists and turns and trees both side, I remembered the days as we turn
The size of the earth the size of my head, no fear to think out or chat
Now that I get much older, the romantic talk is rare and hearts grow loner
They talk about pension benefits and holidays, no talk of the hereafter they said
The cost of this length of  road, the tragedy of others the cancer that’s among us
Thick with thieves vouchers and bills, they make our rules we pay their bills,
Where is the truth they said, as he couldn’t afford to wait and starve like them as well
A nation of thinkers with little to do, a nation of shopkeepers that’s what they said
So it came we learned the price, of those expensive meals that globe trotting jet
We  snarl and wait while they sneer back, just waiting to screw us no opportunity lost
Is there a short cut to heaven they said, wondering if there’s a god, as well as an honest politician. Amen…at least they re elected Mr Obama, that's a change..

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