Tuesday, November 13, 2012

numbers game

It’s a numbers game, ask your bank manager, it’s a pension plan, don’t you feel secure being a number in a game. And they educate folks to cheat, this I have no doubt, cause it’s a numbers game. And so God had to make a decision, to keep or to dispose, one fair way of making a choice, a numbers game he decided. And evil entered the game, and slowed the process down, destroying trust in everyone and playing those numbers down, so the torment went on and on, till the folks realized what was going on, they didn’t like the rules or the evil that lay therein, and so they tilted the scales, the evil doers were not impressed, they plied the young minds with all sorts of distrust, trying to slow things down, but they went too far, one fine day when they destroyed a love, you can never forget, the rage of the lord made them all fret, now their number is up, and this is no game to follow up, the evil doers are heading down, the just keep mounting up, cause it’s a numbers game silly, the lord has had enough..amen

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