Thursday, November 8, 2012

how did we get here

Bush was on TV, what a popular guy he sighed. Harry doubled up on the jack daniels nearly emptying it. Dribbles of coke are urged from the bottle. A little sweetness is better than none, help him understand the important address he was about hear from the president, whatever the script he was given, as harry was sure george couldn’t believe what he was reading. George had a direct line to heaven and the personal phone number of himself, JC as harry called him. Guided by him, JC, george was sending American troops to the Persian gulf to help his Israeli neighbours. The world had moved or Iraq was now America away from home. Synagogue too, george was going to go to one the next day he said, was going to pray with a rabbi, to whom wondered harry, who would they be praying to, and why bother if george was already connected, as he was always saying. Harry remembered the asylum he visited the week previous, they had four jesus’s in side there, harry hoped they had room for another, old george. And god bless America warbled george in his texas accent. God bless America sighed harry reaching for the last of the JD. He was off the coke, drinking the liquor clean.
If god knew he thought reaching for the remote. Clicking once, he was back in tit territory. Men are addicted to women’s tits, their arsehole, anus action seems global. A mound of flesh, external sewer pipe, and men want to stick it up into the mess, plastic or no plastic. Some people liked golf, others their arse spiked. Shit sticks decreed harry

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