Tuesday, August 21, 2012


ignore the signs in the sky, but people are forever telling a lie, rains ruin too much to bare, the living scars are everywhere..

an occasional voice sounds genuine, like the ever so rare good  bottle of wine, imitation is easy busy people easy to fool, what next asks  the Lord when the angels plead for more..

children are sexual so easy to do, they are condemned to a life of need not one of virtue,
deluded with fear and that celebrity thing,
this can't go on cause the numbers are in..

the souls in the book of the living are free,
their minds at ease from what they will see,
they sound the alarm and send the angels in,
warning the populations and what's facing them...

money quotes are everything nothing else gets in, so many on their knees doing almost nothing, am i all right didn't i give to charity, i sold my new yacht before the bank moved on me..

God shrieks his head at their relentless pursuits, they promised everything during the last crisis, but once they got ahead it was plain sailing again, i've had enough he cries as the earth quakes again..

floods drought famine war collapsing economies and more, like any decent man he gave a fair warning, st. Peter nods as the verdict comes in, if they don't get in right this time there will be no warning.....

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