Monday, August 20, 2012

Hollywood Harvest.....

You sexualise and enslave the very ones that try to love me, and now you ask for help if it's all i taught you, you steal all and whatever you can using all that legal jargon, while millions starve to death what am i supposed to do for you
one day it's fashion and how well your butt looks in that strip of thing, you twirl around like faries hoping others won't ingore you, this all goes on while men roam the earth seeking for self pleasure, sometimes looking for a child to ruin or something not far off either
a laugh a pint an atomic bomb doesn't sound too bad at all, so long as that damn old bomb just falls on them old arabs, so you plot and make up lies while trying to fool the working classes, all you really want to do is to hang on to all that wealth and those young fine asses
one day soon the sun won't shine day will be just like the night, you'll all sit down saying prayers profound while wondering about what might, but let me make it sure for all who hear near and far, those marked with the sign of rightessness have nothing to fear at all
i've seen the golden city above in the clouds and the many wonders that remain therein, it's a world of love and calm with no extra's just throw in, a place so fine and bright where only the stars will shine, not like the hollywood harvest where the stars won't shine at all...amen

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