Tuesday, August 14, 2012

don't sell me dear..try something else...

i'm off to the races today, nothing to worry about, except this blog or tweet i'm writing. there was a time
when people went to their deaths because of what they wrote or said aloud. exposure of anykind was frowned upon, like dirt in an operating room, nobody could stand the truth, particularly if you are well off.
we don't need their type around here...in a world on the brink of god knows what and not ourselves, we ought to wake up to the truth and not all the cute stories being fed to us, keeping us hopeful yet restrained enough to keep it all in, the pending anger, the further disappointments as news get worse, whatever, they have valium in all sizes and styles, just to keep you fearful. anyway, i have gone to the ends of the earth in search of richness of heart, and all over, the only answer i could come up with was, fear, fear, anxiety, not enough money, envy, fear, something to worry about, have you been to the doctor yet, should get that checked, have you life insurance, we could move your face an inch higher, those hips will need replacing, don't you think you need to do something with your teeth, i know a broker who arranges fast loans, he also has a cousin in madrid, columbia, mexico, i shrink when fear reaches me, but i don't flinch too often. your brain is a muscle, less flinching please, no fear thank you.

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