Thursday, August 30, 2012


she likes to suckle she's content and young, he likes to suckle she's barely over age and she's young and slim, she takes a breather her eyes shine with glee, when your a one year child it's nuture you see, he likes to nurture but it's a very differant plan, he steals slight of young and by hand using one of those plans
madoff murdoch ponzi or what layman brothers they also like to suckle the lot, no grimace or look at the lives laid to waste, they spend their time trying to suckle your account of of date

reporters faces many frowns it's a total disgrace they say what's going down, a shake of the head from a producer says no, you can't insult our advertisers we'll get nothing for that, play the rolex tape instead shouts the man whose in head, just sailing shots not that they'll get shot the folks who steal your lot

another news day later the hackers promise to rectify the fact we'll tell the truth get rid of all that, those images we took yesterday they are still in the can, we'll use them at primetime and get them on the show, but the studio says no to that as they continue to suckle with your mind regardless of what...

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