Friday, August 31, 2012

Anchor away...

stars rise water divides the wind howls as she says goodbye, carried away in the flood tears pore from her eyes, gulp and it's over she goes quietly floating by..

man! did you see that where's the emergency services we pay taxes for that, on roof tops arms flaying and people praying while TV crews keep on filming the location relaying the worst of the storm in a thousand generations, wow smiles the anchor i'll win an emmy for this while the camera man shouts shouldn't we do something people are about to die, what shouts the anchor trying to hide her smile we pay for emergency services it's their call not hours so what, did you get that she asks suddenly as another body floats on by..

a year later in the middle of another storm a tree trunk crashes to the earth sends our brave anchor tumbling down, camera man shouts i'm jumpin in but a text from the studio boss shouts to let her drown, so the camera man watches while she floats by wondering if he too could do something like that and become an anchor too

pearly gates all white surrounds not even a breeze not even a cloud, our anchor waits for admission st peter comes walking down he wonders if it's been an accident or suicide of a kind, let me in pleads our anchor i'm done a good job you see, i covered all those storms and wars to  make it real..

peter takes out the book the one that records all facts not the book of excuses we are all so good at that, weighed down with story the why's and why's why not and why throw in the facebook generation there all so good at that, what exactly i'm not sure but excuses we are good at that

a twirl and a swirl the pages unwind her conscience awakens she no longer smiles, i tried she said pleading for mercy in the beginning i was thoughtful and good, that was when i was young, peter thinks about it awhile maybe she's been misunderstood, but the boss has a reputation peter hums and hums i've a quick decision to make, a reputation to mind i suppose and so the story goes

splash the camera man jumps in gushes after her manages to grab her in, secures her to a tree and after she gulps up buckets of water she's soon saved by him, she quickly comes round see's a friend not a frown a sort of new companion, not the man she used to command as she served her career not withstanding love, now she works as a stay at home mum no emmy's camera's or lies, she works for the salvation army now smiles st. peter with a soft tear in his eye..

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