Wednesday, August 8, 2012

a little less guilt a little more fear...

true love does not remind us of our faults, we do that to ourselves, we call it guilt, a loving God, all powerful, does not play tricks, use numbers, need a code. an evil person convinces us of all things bad, making sure that we learn to fear, despise, hate, resent, you name it, whatever. a loving God wants the best for all of us, religion no barrier, the same way any loving parent wants the best for us.
Evil folks convince us that money is all we need for a successful life, and by the way, God did not invent the pre nup, greed and mistrust did. there is no spirit of love in a pre nup, it only turns the magic of love into a game, like who will fail first. i'll keep the dog you can keep the sofa and so on and so on,....till there is nothing left fighting over...
the all powerful living God recognises love as the first and the last reason for our very being. sadly, we turned love into a commodity, to be split, cut up, dealt and fought over, like a pile of old bricks, useless once used, sounds familiar, and the near total of all the worlds peoples, bar those too young to understand, bought the idea, leaving love to die almost.
jesus therefore, in order to restore love to it's rightful position in all things real and eternal, and life giving, had to resort to dying to convince us all, that love was the essence of all our existencies, and then returned to the earth and to life, to further convince us of his father's love for us all, simple really, that's why we give good example to young kids, sometimes. we don't own life, it's a gift folks, a lease of sorts, so wake up before it's too late...really.

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