Monday, August 27, 2012

Be Kind

i don't have a plan or issues or doubts
the story i write is not a word of mouth
just words that come from conscious thought
like all goodness from God i imagine no doubts

i have visions of a kind that make me remind of times today before tomorrow, warnings of all sorts of a world on the brink, so many warnings i'm too lazy to shout

to this date in time i don't even try to rhyme, it's like someone else is pushing the pen, it urges me on to tell only the truth, not something for my ego or anything kind

i know that leonard jimi and Neil Young and many of a similar mind, were given gifts of some good old riffs to also give warnings to all mankind, so i'll spell it out as best as i find

tsunami's a warning earthquakes a plenty revelations of forthcoming events, if we don't act as one as the good lord intends, i don't think your pension plan will pay out a scent

there are no religions in heaven no matter what the preacher says, God doesn't alienate the poor from the right the yellow the blue or the white, just deeds and nothing else i have no doubt, so be kind and it might work out..

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