Wednesday, August 29, 2012

2 bit generation...

the two bit generation is living a life in total isolation their fingers worn like second hand tyres on a rusting old ford station, rusting like their hearts of old steel with dust being their final destination, no gold no silver so much for the two bit generation

morning afternoon and night their only concern how they seem do they look all right no strife, no qualms or worries about the future generations they spend hours soothing their ego's like those celebrity celebrations, her dress his teeth so much for the two bit generation

they love the numbers and they pray for hits not like an old western movie they surf porn for kicks, fake tans hair displays they fiddle with their ears they wonder what to say, they ain't up to much good the two bit generation, but you have to admire them, i guess death and destruction is their final location

facebook now freaks somehow twittering geeks they all follow trends till their somehow complete, their world is cheap this two bit generation, but mom is busy she struggles night and day, trying to satisfy the demands of the two bit generation, she doesn't have time to weep trying to deal with this situation

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