Friday, August 17, 2012

A History of Love....

It’s a word we use regularly, love, love this, love that, love, have we ever loved really. Tommy ended up in psychiatric when jenny left him, cause he loved her so much, couldn’t handle it, she was supposed to be his love. Rubbish, so you can’t cope when the love you had left you, well that was what love was supposed to do, grow. Jealousy ,lust, selfishness, obsession, dependency, are all types of love gone bad, and it’s the main reason why our planet is falling apart. God only relates to positive love, love that can grow, love that inspires, love that can move hearts, love that can heal. Instead we have developed a world, that promotes sexism, violence, excess’s of all types, a world devoid of pure love. Coming at a time when it’s plain for all to see, those affected by the global recession hope for assistance, those not affected by the recession hope to gain advantage, love don’t count at all.
She’ll love me more if I’m rich, others will too, it’s not you that they love, I’m sad to say. But go on believing it, worry twice as much, and wait and see what happens when the cash runs out. Did you quit on your marriage because she stopped loving you, hardly. Age catches us all, including pride. New wife is younger, and she encourages me more, loves me more too.
Love, the world is very loving indeed. Half the time online is viewing porn, gets into the mind not just the bed. Love between man and woman is virtually extinct. Love is something you can’t measure, it’s something you live. More perfume please, lingerie please, does he now I have a house to clean, he’s just trying to prove his love for me, she waits for him to explode, he’ll be quite for a day after that she smiles, covered in sweat, their child in the crèche to collect, so that they could have more time. Well. If he didn’t bottle that afternoon he’d never let her forget.
Just married, we do everything together, he even wipes the toilet seat. Office busy, he runs her a bath so she can relax, rubs her shoulders her tits and her ass. So bold she smiles pulling him in, a five minute burst the hunger is gone, but lots more to come save the pun, in the days and years ahead. I love you he smiles as he turns to say goodnight.
Love, what is it, is it important, and why do we possess it. Does God really love us, and why are so many suffering. The reason why so many starve to death daily, is because wealthy people stash their cash in Switzerland and places with similar privacy policies when it comes to money, simple. The billions that these people control runs to trillions. Less than five per cent could feed the hungry for a number of years, if wisely spent, but the money is held in reserves so that further exploitation is possible when this great ball of cash is lent. Love does not get a mention…

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