Tuesday, August 28, 2012

what if....

i have been to the end of the world and so impressed as i was i got to tell you a story one i hope you understand cause it's true

the city was all golden, there were no frowns no sadness not even a clown, but there is no need to get excited as some would say, but i'm sure you'll start believin no matter what they say.

she went to school that morning it was another ordinary day, nothing too special just normal as they say, just a school full of children with books piled everywhere
the class was small the children bundled in the room was full when teacher rumbled in, he made the morning roll call then lined them up with a grin, teacher began to teach it was kinda fun

out behind the gym a boy was full of rage i hate them all he screamed i'll mow them down this day, he was just a young kid with zilch for a father a mother for a whore they say

lunch break came they all ran out to play chat among each other trade stories like we do all day, just as they sat around wally came out to play, a machine gun in his hand he lowered it as they say

he's a wally they laughed with that kind of chagrin that'd make a politician smile, they quickly stopped their laughing as his bullets began their play, one by one they rolled over no laughing nothing they say

wally took out twenty kids with no emotion at all, asked why he did what he did there was nothing he could say, they sent him to a psycho unit while they waited to assess him, it didn't take long for a jury to convict him fry them they all said

the day came the press reported this young man is notorious they said, the governor gave the all clear, the rest is history as they say, yet they lobby now for more protection from what we cannot say, if only they looked after the mothers, what if it's too late a play..

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