Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Digital Revolution

I will he promised, passing her at reception. Her exam was the next week. Magda was cute. She wanted another inklish lesson. He’d passed her details to an English teacher,
when she’d asked previous about it. He was away now, the same inklish teacher, and she’d a few tings that needed attention she said. She sounded so cute too, tick in the nicest way, almost cubanesque. He’d promised her that he’d give her a lesson. His hands went slap as he walked up the stairs, in rhythm, hand and feet. He’d made a personal decision at last.
His list was thinning, black lines through most of the channel numbers. Digital should have meant revolution. Media always wins the day, and the media was global. Harry was working at it, getting a grip on the global mania that was digital TV. It was out of control, he’d seen it. Big brother shows about the ordinary doing very little, food shows that preached how to blanch food, keep for a rainy day, star shows for the star in all of us, famous and poor shows, naked shows, shows about shows about how the shows should show more, freedom of the press, freedom for the depressed,  shows, attention keeping, mention the word tension, war shows, not forgetting holiday shops, we all need to partake, in the digital revolution..

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