Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Titanic Duel

 It was early summer. Pollen everywhere, gets to you, got to harry. TV was on news, the plight of those in danger of vileness, violence, call it as you like, everywhere. But the same people who had tried unsuccessfully to solve the middle east crisis were now trying to solve the problem of the drug crisis. There wasn't enough to go around. People were rioting in prisons. The famine crisis and global warming was making headlines too. At least war was off the menu. It was like asking a death row inmate how he felt, did he feel anything after been given the injection. How was it for you, good I hope. Have a nice day, and a thousand other stupid slogans, they all rushed into harry’s head. Maybe he was trying to keep magda away from his loins. Maybe he was learning how to focus on anything but sex, thinking a thousand miles an hour instead. Insane he chuckled as his belt unbuckled a little more. It was the subconscious at work. The biggest user of fuel, the greatest creator of pollution the world has ever known, the biggest consumers of cocaine, were leading the global struggle for survival. A titanic duel, between man and earth, and who happens to play earth in this huge production you ask. Don't think this story has a Hollywood ending, not until they change the direction of the ship, and jettison the crew...ah harry cheer up...

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