Thursday, February 14, 2013

are you medicated yet...

They always blame god, who could blame them right that minute. God help us, why did he let it happen cried the women on the TV, Arab Muslim Israeli,. The TV station unbiased, An Israeli mother wanted her son back, yelling and wailing, clutching a picture. He was now a picture, a jig saw of many pieces. At least she had a picture figured harry, the Arab woman, all she had was a pile of smoldering brick and mortar. They all want their children back, we all want our childhood back, we all want exactly what asked harry?.
We can’t go forward cause we want to go back. God didn't direct any missiles either.
There in no mention of technology or guidance systems in the bible, perhaps lots of guidance issues.
Blame and blame blame blame, yours mine, ours count for more, sorrows, repeated again, wailing call to war, reprisal, buying time, developing weapons, keeping the masses ignorant of it all, while the private backers of both armies indulge in a little stock market play, results guaranteed. The longer the war the higher the price of oil. No poor countries seemed worth invading. Money, positioning, posturing, delaying effectively, it was all a delay figured harry, the threats and talks, the death of a thousand to save one life, the maths just did not add up. he was in the TV news zone, no longer addicted to the instant tit or gamble sites. He’d seen so many so called celebs anoint and bless for cash, the gambling operations of multi national corporations. Gamble over the phone, credit to account, roulette twenty four hours, texas hold’em, your cash, by text, online, over the phone, it was all they wanted, your cash.  He’d seen enough of those big dollar pots to see through it. News of war, and the waging of war, another theatre, another show on the TV. Conquer and divide, rules of war, being played between ultra nationals, east and west, while children played the parts of extras, adding gun powder to the growing human mess, effectively reaching the emotions. We’ll stop when they are all dead, we’ll stop when democracy exists, when Israel is wiped out, we’ll, ….harry listened to the various threats. Lot of angry people out there, lot of angry people out there too on medication. 

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