Monday, February 25, 2013

Faking it

A fancy box, a cool container, a press release, a series of press stories, what cost $2-3 dollars to produce, sells for $50 perhaps, a celebrity picked scent, don’t have much time it seems these celebrities, what do you call celebrity excess, the ultimate rip off, no one seems to be offended, cheap labor wasn’t used in it’s manufacture, it’s machine made,  don’t you wonder how stupid the human can be, faking it as they call it, show me an election that is fair, show me democracy, the emperors clothes syndrome as I call it, something only a child would notice, no adult wants to admit to such idiotic vanity, no matter how much the psychologist will tell you, shopping is good for you, show me a child who doesn’t like to be brought to the sweet shop, if the same psychologist told you that saving was better, you’d say, ain’t no hit in that, doing something, avoiding the issue, honey can’t we talk about this later, I’ll see the bank manager next week, we’ll go to counseling okay, whatever, the things we do to avoid listening, like david beckhams latest creation, or whatever the next celebrity smell is. If they said it was shit, you’d buy it if your boss was wearing it, the fake in all of us, it’s pushing the world to the limit of existence and children to the point of unbearable endurance, almost. It was much the same when jesus entered the world all those years ago, few wanted anything to do with a man who proposed sharing and doing good, no power in that kind of activity, well not on the ground, but in the heavens above, such activities open doorways, create great friendships, provides hope, encourages justice, promotes the ability to love, not the ability to manipulate, as those celebrity backed products have been doing for years, it’s time to cop on. She wakes in the morning, beard rash, spots, you name it, even his underwear is dirty, he asks her how it was, wonderful she replies, just can’t wait to see him out the door before she scrubs herself from top to bottom. Did you see the last great Hollywood blockbuster, it was great, the special affects left you in awe, the…so many stories hyped out of the galaxy, forgotten stories most of them, bar the dozen of so made by the likes of spielberg and co, the batman movies, the rest of the bunch, forgetful and of little consequence. When they price the movie take, it’s more merchandising than the movie, but in our lame thinking, we assume it’s a wholesale success, cause we never examine figures, unless we are looking at a woman. The only reason I raise a few of these dumb ass ideas, is to remind you, that when it comes to heavens joy, no one fakes it. It’s the only certainty that I am aware of on the planet earth, heaven is real, either prepare for it, or perish as they say. Sometimes the truth hurts, so does childbirth, so does growing up. The great thing about little children, they have a hard time faking it…it’s something they learn later, as they grow up, and follow the example set out for them, by the great teachers of the world, us.

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