Wednesday, February 6, 2013

are you waiting for something...

How did she know, how she figured it out, kept him occupied as he entered the room, east Europeans were used to being spied on, he wondered if they were all voyeurs. You’re here on a mission he told himself, mentally adjusting himself and the chair, setting up his temporary bar on the side table, pad and pen on one side, JD and bottle of coke opposite. The TV was sent into action, the time late, the hotel almost empty, apart from the other immigrants who stayed there, those who couldn't afford to go home for xmas. The news channel was doing what it always did, news stories. A young girl found strangled announced the reader, harry listened solemnly for a few moments before the picture on screen changed. A posse of reporters were besieging the dead girls parents home. A TV reporter was telling the world how everyone in the neighborhood was shocked that such a thing could happen in suburbia. As if they didn't already know sighed harry, watching intensely, while he waited for Magda to arrive with the ice. 

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