Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Nothing is impossible...

can't do this, can't afford that, excuse after excuse, reasoned judgement, is everyone a spin doctor, in a part time way supposed harry, back to himself, his holiday over.

After a weekend in the country, harry was back to form. Prolonged tiredness had left him, the weather having the desired effect, warm and sunny. He even got in a spot of sun bathing. Re charged, he walked smartly through the lobby, nodding at magda who was busy at reception. The hotel was filling up with families. The rate they were charging him had gone up also, season was nearing peak. He’d soon be moving on, his research nearing completion. I love it he thought, going in the door of his room. It had been home for six months, one night a week, two when he had the time and could afford it. She’d cookies, ice, there waiting for him, at a time she would have been at full stretch in the hotel too. And her inklish was now English, albeit with a Yankee twang. He blamed the TV of course. Switching it on, he headed for the news, keeping up to-date with global proceedings and the wars that were never going to end. Unless you believed in change he stressed, forever reminding himself that no situation was that bad. Satisfied with a glance across the channels he took one more look at his diminishing list. It seemed an almighty task when first started; it was now looking like an awful lot done. He looked it over, the multiple lists on the pages. Channels in operation marked in red. A black line threw them meant they were off the air, bankrupt perhaps, or just simply dead. How the world had changed for the better in such a short time frame, anything is possible he smiled, as he clicked to the racing channel, where people work together.

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