Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Placebo Affect

The fox used to be a wild animal. Extinction will come like everything else, in time thinks the narrator of the show, solemn sounding. Harry was now watching shows to do with heritage and environment. Seemingly foxes like restaurant food. They must have learned to read laughed harry, making light of the plight of the wild animal in flight. Maybe your dog is an alien spy. What was he doing in the forest last night,
getting tuition on how to use a gun. Habitat eradicated by man, man stresses the narrator, harry is in stitches. He covers his mouth, in case he wakes magda who probably sleeps at reception. But the plight of the fox was a survival one, and as the fox never owned anything, he’d survive, fight on reckoned reasoned harry. Not that again he moaned as he switched over to the news channel. He’d been off the babe channel a week now and proud of it. Body count, we all love to hear the casualty numbers. Harry wasn’t surprised. He loved maths growing up. in those days you had to use your head to count, now they had machines. The world was being slowly programmed, not all of the time, just in front of the TV. He was having problems coming up with new content for the Sunday sermon. He’d used the numbers thing the previous week, people loved to hear the word millions being used, mentioned in the papers daily, had a viagrical effect in people, made them thick, and think like, at the same time. Men no longer had to indulge in foreplay, they could get straight in there without complication or interpretation needed. The word millions has the placebo affect, similar to the word bomb, gets your attention every time you hear the word uttered, without killing you though, well not for awhile. The jack flows, harry is now watching apes, and gorillas. More to his liking, cause they had hands and legs not too dissimilar to his own. They eat dog in china, st. Bernard au poivre, rover in curry, lassie on a skewer, mice wine nice wine, everyone has to survive thinks harry, eat at least. He turns sad all of a sudden. Famine time again on TV.

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