Friday, February 1, 2013


Education has to remain education, and not a propagation exercise for religions and governments. Lots of people are misinformed. The U.S. and many other countries are probably bankrupt. Israel was a set up. the Irish are lucky in that they never had the power to invade another country, never had the desire to invade another country either, more importantly. The only European nation not to take advantage of any other nation or people, being only interested in what was for sale, thereby making sure that there was only agro between them and the British, on account of the British having lived with them for over seven hundred years, without having paid them rent. Harry was watching the history channel. Rome had survived it all.  The British Empire had shrunk, Jerusalem was in flames two thousand years earlier, on fire this evening too,
New thinking about, two thousand years later. He’d seen it on TV a half hour ago, as he checked in with the news from all the nations. It’s wonderful what education teaches you, almost as good as history.

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