Friday, September 20, 2013

slow down

Alarm off, hour to prepare, she’ll be there, slippers showers, hissing five minutes,  the kitchen the storm, buttons, cups, bread, orange juice, coffee, five minutes tops, dressed ready to leave, races down the stairs,
nearly breaks her neck and falls, gets up gives herself a telling off, taxi she hops in, half an hour in the gym, before she goes in, leaving out the thirty two tweets, and the time spent checking her facebook account, we are all that important. Hi mary, she hears it sixteen times till she reaches her spot, perfect life no children yet, she has accounts on dating sites all over the net, connections to the rich and wealthy, she hopes to fish one out, her father owns a yacht, does a very light work out, she’s going  to stay young and organize life, with no experience at all, till one day she's in a hurry and crosses the road in …silence, sounds like..what's the rush!.

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