Friday, September 6, 2013

crisis, where is the valium

late summer or early summer. get the picture, not really, your pretending as always, chemical pollen everywhere, gets  you, those TV images, pure ugly, you continue drinking smart coffee, geeky looks nothing you can do, TV is all about Syria, a year before all about Syria, in the meantime 100,000 wiped out, the plight of those in danger never ending, world leaders leading nothing in fact, just spin doctors and TV shows,
the same people who unsuccessfully solve everything,  solve the problem of the Syrian crisis. There wasn't enough to go around, like asking a death row inmate how he felt, did he feel anything after been given the injection, what would he recommend. How was it for you, good I hope. Have a nice day, and a thousand other stupid slogans. Maybe learning how to focus on anything but sex might help us all, thinking a thousand miles an hour in an old fashioned jet, can you see the media interest once death is mentioned, can i see, another over there, there, so much of it, you don't even notice no more. Don't think this story has a Hollywood ending, not until they change the direction of the ship, and jettison the crew...ah harry cheer up...

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