Friday, September 13, 2013

dope makes you dopey

Dope makes you dopey,  your thinking, so don’t

worry. Did snow white and dopey, of the seven

dwarfs fame ever smoke,. No, that was a

fairy tale make belief. Besides a good looking woman

would have no time for a dude that only reached her

navel, unless he’d lots of money. Setting on the bed

felt so comfortable too,  he couldn’t sleep, speech

he thought, speech, she likes me reading her stories in

bed and you like it too he thought, meaning himself. But

sleep, five minute power nap that’s all, his eyes

beginning to dictate, five minutes that’s all,

five harry, remember. Crumpling down on the bunch of

pillows, he hooked the loose covers over,

five minutes he promised. Should have done this sooner,

 grabbing the duvet tight around him, five minutes

five minutes, have to write it, have to write..

asleep he was free to roam around his dreams

uncontested or undisturbed. Grabbing and groping 

thoughts and revelations of every sort, he wandered and

wandered. Perhaps he was on the verge of a nervous

breakdown, at least in the asylum, that'd be considered  normal. He

shook the bed, delving, going in and out of scene

after scene, seeking answers to issues that disturbed him

when awake. Millions of darkened souls, empty,

 lots of hungry people with no money to spend, 

it was getting closer and closer every day,

food parcels he  smiled  going further into the dream, they

were all alive,  just dieting. He wondered if DHL delivered

food parcels as well as computer parts.

Evil, must first get to know it intimately, he

smiled, smiled big. A Jesus convoy arrived with a

bread van in it, did the feed the world trick,

Harry laughed, every story had to have a happy

ending. As for Noah, he was really a math professor who

couldn't count beyond two. He laughed again, turning

in the bed as he did, still in a state.

She hit him full blast across the face, shattering the

glass dream he was in. He opened one eye, then the other.

The side of his face hurt, why so, he wasn't sure. She

came into focus, the angry expression on her face was all

he saw. What time was it he thought, acting,  looking


"you've been at it, you, jesus, can I ever trust

you!”. She wore a heavy scowl too.

He rubbed his face firmly, from the forehead

down, feeling with his fingers, the crevices and sockets,

it was still there.

"jesus I'm alive, you wouldn't believe what happened me".

She lit a cigarette and sat down beside him, rubbing his

cheek with her free hand.

“I didn’t mean to hurt you!” she sighed.

“thanks!” he replied sitting up, sober with shock.

"twisting and turning, I thought you were on LSD

or something, what are you like, and no speech either

I suppose!”.

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