Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Judgement Day

squandered earth, panic in the streets, calm the suns is out, everyone is free to speak, overhead the skies blue, she checks her make up, makes an eye at you, then some grey arrives, and she disappears, child is ten, looks much older than, we'll he's only trying to pretend, acting old just as the earth is, love in the pouch, screeching to get out, love and loves friends gather, put together a gift bouquet, a boy we'll call him john, two years later he's addicted to heroin, well it's the TV he calls it, turn it on he screams his head off, adults don't know what's wrong, bring to the neuro surgeon, he's got ADHD he smiles, parents wondering what it means, he shows them the manual, the glossy pharma copy that's embossed, one of these a day, and he'll be set up for life, years gather and it's all dependency, parents are older closer to the cemetery, earth cracks up and ..suddenly they are all children again, why did we addict them all to porn, what, you can't say that everyone does it, the arguments the excuses and the lawyers, not us not us not us they yell, God Most High his heart worn out, they talk the talk and that's what it is all about, spin spin the roulette table again, hoping to land on a number, anything to make the feeling dwell, children addicted to pornography, adults addicted to power, teens unsure of everything, it's time to call them in, and your excuse is..the floor opens and they disappear, forgotten never to return, that didn't last smiles God Most High, back among his own, no tears no anger pure joy, amen.

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