Monday, September 9, 2013


imbalance, how long do you think it can go on, the poor do so much be it worry work or hurry, the wealthy who do so little bar a few, evidenced environmentally socially economically morally, the real state of play the collapse of government banks institutions globally, the very groups run by the wealthy few, there are only so many charity events you can attend in a season, , it might help you think they are doing something, when in fact they do nothing at all, this imbalance created was meant to unbalance me and you. you have read this in the papers so this is not something new, but it's there in black and white imbalance everywhere, it's as if we are working class slaves not unlike those chained up long ago, so what is imbalance what can you do. imbalance, even God Most High gave us the benefit of free will, seeing if we'd come up with something good, but imbalance is a fund manager or broker who pays themselves astronomic sums cause they control the fund, the person in the relationship who spies on the others just to have edge, the greedy child who is brought up to think money is all there is, imbalance is lots of things like stripping the earth of clean water and wondering about it after when it's too late. take all the imbalances together, our over reactive natures how we are lead and the half truths we tell, it puts everything we do out of sync very quickly and soon we are living in chaos, then we become part of the human stew, where nothing is real and the truth is never spoken, causing calamity blame games you name it even health issues, isn't that what mental health is balance, well what is the health of the world, but the mental well being of the human being, and from every angle you look at it, it's out of control, leaving control of our lives in the hands of others, surely you don't want to be a slave, well that is where this unbalanced world is being lead, try riding an unbalanced horse and see where it leads you, do you think the world is any different, when unbalanced.

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