Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Propaganda is an ice cream you can't say no to!

more to the light than you think, can disable some instantly, reduce others to tears, put a smile on your face,  thought is strong sometimes weak, we choose we think we act, thought can change the world, thought you were into me, thought brought the world to it’s knees, thought i could get away with it, thought there were no consequences, thought the world was going to hell, thought I’d change it then, thought I’d say a prayer, thought gathers momentum, thought can be good, thought makes people march, thought you were okay, thought the world was made for me, thought about it all day, thought, not just a thought, but the first step to a better you, thought the time to revolt, thought has changed so much,  thought you’d past your best, thoughts they sell to you and me, thought can be a friend, thought broke many hearts, thought allows you a new start, next time you have one of those thoughts, think is it good or bad, for all thoughts can rise and fall, bring you up or down, the world along with it, and why are thoughts so important, morning opens thoughts for a bright new day, thought about what has to be done, ever think about the people you’ll meet along the way, probably not, I don’t mean those you arrange to see, I don’t mean the places you’ll visit either, I’m thinking about those trapped in their thoughts, most accurately, those caught in thoughts that don’t go away. once we  realise that it's just a thought, you can change it any given day. Problem is, so many thoughts are bad, the weight of oppression overcomes, same way they torture people, they torture nations with propaganda instead, just a thought.

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