Thursday, September 19, 2013

Mood Club

Joy a warm embrace and a smile that lasts,  not hard to undertake once love resides in your heart ,
wont show it will you trying to protect it, like those nuclear reactors they are all afraid of, if it explodes
it's unpredictable deadly and dangerous, like the feelings you keep stuffed in the heart, wondering if it's safe to let go wondering how far you are prepared to go, safe haven a bunch of friends a wine bottle and a forgetful mind, calm again heart beat slows eases you toke one more time, emptiness the mind drains itself of all the issues, you have space again to get the heart moving again, afraid to stop almost, damn damn damn, just when your getting to the good part the alarm clock goes,  young simon woke once the bell went, school over, he'd have to face the evening alone again, his mother hopefully in the booze club, and not at home with her newest boyfriend, one of those types, that prey on the weak and the wounded, the world was animal everywhere he looked,....where was God he asked looking up

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