Monday, September 23, 2013

i ordered a cheese sandwich

Why we exist, how to exist, what makes us exist, is love the ultimate drug, most addictive feeling in the world, your born with it, well children know this, go to extremes to keep it, break hearts and you loose it, so spend your life with love in mind, sometimes it can become strange, love that is, you try to find a substitute to it, pornography, the mirror, alcohol, work or fixation,  love is not always clean, requires the extra yard, did that Guy die on the cross for it, from marriage to marriage, nothing seems to work, the car becomes important, your personal image is perfected, addiction is far bigger than drugs or alcohol, it’s people behaving strangely, it’s those things you’d rather not do, how do you save the love you have in a world that does not treasure it, do you worry about children, not unless you have some. The neighbor has a bigger car, don’t trust the police, immigrants eat in that restaurant you can’t afford, those sadists are all Muslims, those rantings  on the radio and TV,  the terror we get used to daily, from Kenya to Syria and everywhere else, night and day it’s easy create hatred,  the prospects for love are causing the hardship everywhere, So, what you waiting for, go and create love and watch your world improve beyond imagination, but like any wise person who plans on doing, research first, be wary of those who mislead, watch the pitfalls, see what happened to those who went ahead of you,  be cautious of those bearing gifts when you are most in need, and finally, study the lives of those who loved the most. I ordered a toasted ham and cheese half an hour ago, patience i suppose.

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