Monday, December 17, 2012

Pure Madness

Demented crazed obscure over exaggerated fantastic lunatic story lines, over dependent self interested totally absorbed suicidal character forms, unrealistic over technofried over sexualized plot styles, money orientated wealth directed totally desensitized populations, am I describing the human race or the Hollywood film industry, or is it a viable description of both and the roman empire of old, it’s hard to work out the truth of any situation as so many people live in a world that is in complete and utter denial, so anyone who wishes to speak the truth is considered the enemy. There are so many examples since the beginning of time, since the birth of Christ, of people who tried to spill the beans on what was going on, from all nations on the earth, be it Burma Israel Ireland united states of America, England, Scotland, Germany, wherever you look, truth was always hard won, so much so that all the first world countries of today, have all had to introduce whistleblower legislation to safe guard those who wish to tell the ordinary public what they ought to know. How mad is this. Add to the mess the plethora of spin doctors, or simply put, pure deceivers who rewrite the truth of any given situation for which they are heavily rewarded by those in government, with money collected from the general public, that is you and me, in order to deceive those who are paying the wages of the very same government that is there in place supposedly to work for us, and they work for us by telling us a story that is as pure as whiskey that has been watered down at least ten times, making what they tell us complete and utter nonsense to begin with. Add to this the fact that the same governments appoint to office regulators in various guises who are supposed to work in our interests, when in fact they are working mainly for a few select large organizations, whose sole goal is to extract finance and wealth from us, add to this the way children worldwide and women worldwide have been totally and completely sexualized, add to this a media and advertising  industry that has completely bought into the sexualisation of everything, so long as it makes money for all those parties connected above. What do you think you’ll end up as, a free person or a slave, have a guess. Add to your thoughts the following, the two to three billion souls who live on less than $2 a day on account of the fact that the first world’s main economies exploited the wealth of these so called poorer countries for generations, I haven’t mentioned hunger yet, I just hope your getting a clear picture of the mess we all created, and the affect it is having in heaven. They’re extending hell as I write, there wont be space for all of you in there if we keep up the rate of mediocrity at it’s current speed. Little wonder the mayans saw it coming, they couldn’t keep on sacrificing people at the rate they were doing it either, get it, and survive.
And what do you think happened to love in the context of this global shame, do you suppose it thrives, or does it exist at all, is it something we pretend to have, just to feel a little more secure in ourselves, what do you think is the outcome for a world devoid of pure love, we abort healthy children by the truck load hourly, do you suppose our creator is going to allow this situation to continue unabated forever, I don’t think so, I’m certain he wont. I’ve seen the golden city.
So what are you going to do about it, build a bigger house with more security than fort knox if you can afford it?. Party till the cocaine runs out, you’ll be so full of powder you wont remember a thing, and we love children, we prefer porn is a more truthful statement if the usage stats  for the world wide ebb is as real as they say, let’s find out!, amen. Someone has to say it as it is, as ugly dirty unseemly and distasteful it has all become. Unless we know where we are, we ain’t gonna go very far, and like so many times in the past, we wait for a great tragedy to stir us into action, by which time all common sense thinking has long passed us by, leaving us to overreact as usual, again and again and again…amen.

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