Thursday, December 6, 2012

Are really a celebrity!

Are you a celebrity, then get me out of here, are you skin deep then that’s what you are, where is your heart you seem to have lost it, well get one quick before you perish in the fire, don’t you love celebrity and the affect it has on children, don’t you love people who sell their celebrity, find me a rifle I’m getting too fond of them, example, a simple word and the media sets a great example, and don’t your children appreciate the fact that these celebrities are sexualizing them, well they’ve been sexualizing us all for decades, now it’s time to get them all out of here, celebrity footballer and their agent friends, the size of their bank account we’d all like one, the pace quickens as the heart races, example is set and there’s no stopping children, cause we all follow example just like them, don’t suppose there is much celebrity in heaven, no time for it either in the places that matter, guess all those celebs will have lots of company in the spit roast of hell, I imagine it well, cause they set examples that only lead you to hell, great job being a celebrity pity about the prospects after though, where’s my new car dude, I’ve a page three wife, I get to see her over sized chest every single night, envious I hope cause we like to remind you, she wears a dress that don’t cover her ass, bet you’d like to see more but you’ll have to pay for that, celebrity minded people are such a load of dynamite, you have been warned.
The romans thought they were celebrities too, till the lord lost patience with them and rubbed them all out, if you don’t believe me check the facts out, they thought they could buy everyone buy their way out, sorry no celebrities on the bus to heaven tonight, well you could always get a real job or do something worthwhile with you life, as for lionel messi, he’s no celebrity he’s just gifted with his feet, goodnight, and he scores when it matters too. There are many good people who masquerade as celebrities but you’ll never figure them out, they are what you call stars.

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