Friday, December 14, 2012

No Brainer

Small hand and a big heart, love in abundance, where do you start, do you understand I ask, are you too engaged with yourself, do you know how you got here, well lets hear it from the start, you’re a child, and you’ve just entered the world, don’t worry about all the stuff you heard, while you waited inside, we all want to get on with it, it’s the beginning of a wonderful journey, it begins full of hope, sometimes it ends in tears. Well don’t worry about that and all those things you hear, life is a gift and it’s yours, your parents are there to protect you, it goes a bit like this, they feed you love and comfort, they help you to grow up, and this is where I have a few questions for all of you who bother to ask, do you think the world is a safe bet, for the youngest of us to adapt, or is your only interest the children you have to protect, wouldn’t it be safer for everyone if we all took a closer interest in the environment we allow children to grow up in, rather than the brands and fashion statements we make and create to outshine just about everyone, come now, do you think God will worry more about your Gucci shoes or the children you rear, now that’s a no brainer! Amen.

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